In a festive atmosphere, Riwaya Travel’s team, had the huge pleasure to receive 200 people during their Opening Night, on November 8th, 2018 in the Algerian Cultural Centre, Paris.


The front page of our Riwaya (narrative), began on November 8th, 2018! It is by that time, that we
decided to share our future destination to many travellers who are in search of the ideal journey.
But, what the ideal journey? We tried to give an original answer during this evening, in talking about
Algeria and farther… Malaysia.


After tasting teas and oriental cakes, the guests sat in a conference room in the middle of Paris, ready to imagine themselves in their future journey. To open the hospice, Natalia Pouzyreff, Member of French Parliament, presented the importance of entrepreneurship among young people in France and especially those from immigration, which is for them a powerful vector of integration.

Then, Mr Mohamed Meflah (Economic Counsellor of the Ambassador of Algeria in Paris) exposed the tourist potential of Algeria.

Next, our dear friend Mehdi, who participated in the last season of Pékin Express (French Reality TV Show) was undoubtedly in the best position to talk about travel, culture, share and new meet that evening. What a speech!


Then, we needed a magician of images. “Tolt” appeared at this very moment as our saviour.
Accompanied by Mehdi, they dazzled us with their story in Algeria, which was seen by several million people on the Internet. This is where we shared responsible eco travels designed by Riwaya Travel.