Loïc Peyron

"The finest journey is

the one you haven’t yet done."


Travellers from all over the world always dreamed to discover new regions, to integrate new cultures and to share their wonderful stories. For them, this is not just a hobby, it’s an entire purpose of life.

- Welcome to Riwaya Travel - Selamat Datang ke Riwaya Travel - Bienvenue à Riwaya Travel  مرحبا بكم في ريوايا السفر

Our 2.0 start-up give you the chance to travel like you’ve never done it before. To perfectly accomplish this mission, we have a multicultural team located in Paris, Kuala Lumpur and Algiers.

We strongly believe that every guest is different, that is why we provide travels to customers with religious particular needed. We arrange Muslim Friendly tours in France by respecting the ethicsof these customers (and soon the rest of Europe).

In the same manner as we implement tourism in undiscovered regions (Algeria and its spectacular Sahara desert), we also create exclusive tours to particular guests (groups, individuals and companies).

We look forward to see you soon in our next adventures!

If you need any further informations, please contact us by the link below, a dedicated member of our team will answer you as soon as possible.”



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